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Crossroad by Roger Williams and Dee One

South African artist Roger Williams and German artist Dee One (Dirk Mertin) will be collaborating for a group exhibition at The Black Box gallery in Cape Town titled Crossroad.

Mixing graphic, digital, fine art and street art techniques, they will explore the theme with Dee One providing the street art style and Williams providing the digital and graphic component.

These two artists from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds will meet for the first time in an exhibition that stretches beyond the gallery walls. While in South Africa for this exhibition, Dee One and Williams will also be conducting workshops at Funimfundo pre-school in Stanford, and at Young in Prison in Cape Town. These NGO's will further benefit as proceeds of the art sales will be donated in support of the work that these organizations do to improve the lives of they're members.

Crossroad will run at The Black Box from 3 to 22 April 2014.